White Fiber

15The immature husks are suspended in a river or water-filled pit for up to ten months. During this time micro-organisms break down the plant tissues surrounding the fibres to loosen them – a process known as retting. Segments of the husk are then beaten by hand to separate out the long fibres, which are subsequently dried and cleaned. Cleaned fibre is ready for spinning into yarn using a simple one-handed system or a spinning wheel.

Physical Appearance

Fiber Length 10 cm to 25 cm
Color White
Moisture 12% max
Impurities 1% max
Dust 1% max
Packing 100 to 110 kgs compressed and strapped
Loading 180 to 185 bales per 40 FT container
  Quantity per 40 / 40 FT HC container : 20 MT maximum


  • The Major use of White fibre is for rope manufacture
  • Mats of woven coir fibre are made from the finer grades of bristle and white fibre using hand or mechanical looms
  • White coir also is used to make fishing nets due to its strong resistance to saltwater.
  • Fumigation and phyto sanitary certificate can be provided
  • Any other quality certificates can be done at the cost of the buyer