Curled Coir

27Twisted fibre is a very popular method of transporting fibre. Both Mattress fibre & Mix fibre can be twisted in to coils. 20kg coils are the most commonly used size of a coil, however 50 kg or even 100kg coils also could be made out of our twisting machinery.

Curled Coir Specifications

Characteristics Specification
Colour Brown
Fibres of length Between 8 cm to 25 cm
Weight 30 – 35 kg Bundle
Moisture content less than 15%
Debris less than 5%
Dust less than 1%
Dia of Rope  1/2 inch,3/4inch and 1 inch
Packing Details As Per Buyer Request
Loadability 40 ft container / 24 tons
Application Rubberized coir mattresses, Upholstery, Rubberized coir pads, Coir cushions, Carpet under lays, Seat cushions
Certification Fumigation & phytosanitory certificate can be provided
  Any other quality certificates can be done at the cost of the buyer