Coir Yarn

26Coconut coir fiber, or in world trade is known as Coco Fiber, Coir fiber is a byproduct of coconut coir processing. Traditionally coconut coir fiber is only used for brooms, mats, ropes and tools of other household.


Coir Yarn Specifications

Reference Name COIR YARN
Colour Brown & white
Twisting Automatic Spinning Machines
Ply 2
Moisture Less than 18%
Diameter 2 mm – 8 mm
Number of curls per Meter 115 to 160
Breaking strength average 27 Kgs
Packing As per customer requirements.
Loading 25 MT max PER 40 FT HC Container


  • Coir Yarn is used in Horticulture industry, Coir Mat manufacturing, Geo-textile weaving, Oyster farming & in Packing Industry.
  • Fumigation & Pytosanitary will be done during loading of the container.