Dried Coconut

driedcoconut627x330Dried Coconut or Copra is the dried meat, or kernel, of the coconut.Coconut oil is extracted from it and has made copra an important agricultural commodity for many coconut-producing countries. It also yields coconut cake which is mainly used as feed for livestock.

Dried Coconut Specifications

S. No. Characteristics Specifications
1. Name Dried Coconut
2. Colour Natural
3. Weight 50-51 kgs in one jute Bags
4. Max. Moisture 10%
5. Oil Content 65%
6. Drying Process Max. Moisture
7. Shape Round or cup or oval
8. Self Life 12 Months
9. Taste Sweet
10. Loadability 450-500 Bags per 40 ft container
200-225 bags per 20 ft container
11. Packing 50-51 kgs in one jute bags
12. Supply Origin India


  • Copra meal is used as fodder for horses and cattle . Its high oil levels and protein are fattening for stock.
  • copra is used to extract oil
  • Fumigation and phyto sanitary certificate will be provided.