Coir Husk

21-300x15d7Livestock such as horses require a great deal of upkeep, but when people take time to purchase animals that come from good bloodlines and were bred with a particular purpose in mind, the initial investment can become one that more than pays for itself over time. Rather than using traditional materials for animal bedding pellets and bales, replace hay and straw dust with coco peat. It’s a hardy material taken from the tough outer shells of coconuts.

Easy to Handle When Compressed

Horse owners often quickly get used to the idea of having to lift heavy items around the barn, whether they’re bags of feed or bales of hay. Often, coco peat is packed carefully into planter bags, making it easy for gardeners or horse owners to handle them without help. It’s also available as raw material. Choose coco peat to meet your needs for animal bedding pellets and bales, and you may soon wonder why you’d been using other materials for your equines.

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Why Coco-Peat is Better than Other Natural Bedding?

  • Coco-Peat has a better absorption rate. When the horses urinate on the bedding it is onlyrequired to replace a small portion of Coco-Peat bedding which can be easily identified with its changing color, with urine. Hence it will be cheaper to replace bedding.
  • Removed used Coco-peat with Horse Manure can be re-used directly for the crop production as a soil conditioner in farm fields.Here the Coco-Peat mixed with Horse Manure does not required to be modified by addition of any chemicals before been spreaded in the farm fields like Saw Dust and Shavings, which incurs an additional expenditure. Hence used Horse bedding can be re-sold at a higher price than purchased.
  • Due to its resistant to Bacterial and Fungal Growth it Protect the Horses getting caught to Deceases due to bad bedding.
  • Coco-Peat absorbs odours within the Horse Stable
  • Coco-Peat Brushes off the Horses faster
  • Stocking of Coco-Peat bales are made easy due to its method of packaging that compresses the Coco-Peat to a ratio of 2:1 and made it into a shape of a cube of 20 kg and packed in a white polythene cover.
  • This low compression ratio supports the user to de-compress the bales manually. And its low weight (20 kg) allows a single person to handle a job manually.
  • Content of Fiber and particles in the Coco-Peat, does not allow generation of dust within the Horse Stables.

Having identified the advantages of coco-peat as the Best Horse Bedding we have made this special product “Bio~peat” Coco-peat pallets and bales, with the right mix of coir and seasoned peat to enhance its uniqueness as the world’s best bedding for horses.