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The Company

Elamgreen Exporters was founded in 2010.We started our business with dedicated commitment on quality of delivering products at domestic level , and now due to our quality we have grown as traders , manufacturers and exporters worldwide. We are a proud manufacturer of coco peat and its associated products in South India .

Our commitment :

  • Providing Premium Quality products.
  • Competitive Prices.
  • Strict Quality Control.
  • To Deliver on Time.
  • Modern Machineries.
  • Highly Qualified Staffs.
  • Complete Customer Satisfaction.

Quality control:

Coir fibre is obtained from the Outer layer of the fruit of Coconut tree (Cocos Nucifera L). This outer layer is called the coconut husk. The husk (exocarp) of the coconut consists of a smooth waterproof outer skin (epicarp) and fibrous zone (mesocarp). The mesocarp comprises of strands of fibro vascular bundles of coir embedded in a non fibrous paranchymatous "corky" connective tissue usually referred to as pith; which ultimately becomes coir dust.
Chemically coir fibre is composed of a highly lignified form of cellulose (cellulose lignin complex), which accounts for its colour, harshness and relative brittleness in comparison with pure cellulose fibre. The bulk of the ground tissue of the husk, on the other hand, is made up of pectin and hemicelluloses (Nathaniel 1960). i.e. pectin and hemi cellulose act as a spongy binding material that bind the large fibre cells together to make up the husk. Coconut coir is in great demand unaccounted of natural resilience, durability, resistance to dampness and other properties. Grading of coir is based on its fibre length, colour, resilience and general cleanliness in relation to the quantity of pith present.

All coir fibre falls into two distinctly different categories, white (golden yellow) and brown coir. The differences are due to the conditions of husk used, the method of extraction, the physical properties as well as in the uses. Coir obtained from immature green coconut is generally known as white (golden yellow) fibre and is finer than the brown fibre obtained from matured and seasoned coconuts, which has lost their green colour (>12 months). Both types of fibre are widely used and each has its own unique distinct type of application.

Go with Nature….

Our eco ­ friendly products are made to satisfy buyers in all countries. We maintain stringent quality measures to manufacture the best cocopeat blocks and coconut fiber and we source our raw materials only from good de-fibring units in India.
Our company offers wide variety of Coir pith products such as Coco Pith, Coir pith grow bag, Coir pith blocks, Coco Peat Open Top Bags, Coco pith Easy Fill Bags will definitely help for your gardening and horticultural needs.


  • Modern in ­ house production facilities to manufacture coir pith blocks.
  • Raw materials for coco peat or coir pith blocks are sourced from the best de – fibring units.
  • Our coco peat blocks are free from weeds and pathogens.
  • We provide coco peat blocks with safe EC and pH levels.
  • Using our coir pith blocks ensures high oxygen levels and thus good drainage

On-time Delivery…

We Elamgreen Exporters take pride in on-time delivery schedules where ever you may be. We make sure that your consignment is delivered to you on or before the agreed schedule.

Professionally Well-trained team…

Our team is professionally trained to maintain the International quality standards. Quality control methods are been implemented from the time of collecting the harvest right up to the point of packing and loading